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Something incredible happens when you get a room of amazingly inspiring local business women together for a working Rosalena brunch….

Our intention was to host a morning for a targeted audience of local women to come and fully understand and experience our range and our mission as a company. We also wanted to understand more from them in relation to their skincare choices. So we designed a morning where were invited local woman to share feedback and buying behaviours to ensure we develop Rosalena in line with our customers wants and needs. This was the first time we have done anything like this and the outcome exceeded our highest expectations! It was a joyful morning filed with laughter and a constant flow of sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Trinity Restaurant in the wonderful Clapham Old Town was the venue and the brunch was beyond delicious. Freshly made granola, eggs benedict, fruit and pastries on mass. It made my heart glow to see a huge table of 15 beautiful woman enthusiastically tucking into a hearty breakfast, animatedly talking with mouths full, (conversation didn’t stop for food consumption!) laughing, sharing their skincare habbits, questioning us on our products with genuine desire to know more. It was an exchange of information with mutually advantageous outcomes.

The 3 Rosalena team members, Helen, Maja and myself, then presented on the back story of Rosalena; how and why Rosalena came about, what Rosalena stands for, what we offer that is different and what the important aspects of our brand are, like the connection with wellness and the fact our products are all 100% natural. Next we invited the lucky recipients to open their boxes, which had been sitting tantalisingly unopened in front of them up until now! Inside was our limited edition wellness candle, a bottle of Goodness & Tonic Face Toning Mist and our highly coveted Lip Conditioning Balm. The presentation then resumed with a detailed explanation on each of our four signature face oils, their identifying ingredients, what makes them different from each other and the relative benefits of each before everyone got to choose a full size bottle for themselves, based on the information they had just learnt about. Our Senior FaceFit therapist Elaine Tomkins was also in attendance offering her expert advice on the importance of how we apply our face oils to get the most out of it, before speaking on the benefits of Facial Massage in conjunction with the use of Rosalena products.

We gathered such an array of valuable information at the brunch, information to help us steer the development of our brand in the only way which truly matters: what matters to our customers. And our attendees left knowing everything there is to know about us and our passion to get it right for them, oh and lots of free product too! We never imagined such fun would be had at the same time as gathering such incredibly valuable information from a group of woman who didn’t know each other before but left connected over a love for Rosalena! This is something we will definitely be doing again sooon……

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