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A new generation of face treatment promises to lift, sculpt and tone your skin, but does it work, asks NappyValleyNet contributor Georgina Blaskey.

You may have heard about a new breed of facials on the beauty block – treatments that work the muscles under your skin to create a glowing complexion and a lifted look. Northcote Road beauty destination all about the girl is offering this multi-dimensional approach through partnering with Rosalena, a local oil-based skincare company which has created FaceFit, a treatment that is deeply relaxing and energising.

Jade Gua Sha Stones during a Rosalena FaceFit Treatment at All About The Girl

I went to try FaceFit for myself one Saturday afternoon after a late Friday night. My dehydrated skin and puffy eyes were ripe for treating and, if ever the claims were to be trialled and tested, surely I was in optimum guinea pig state? After a brief consultation about areas I felt needed attention (I carry a lot of tension in my jaw as I clench at night and my eye bags can be over most airlines’ luggage allowance), Kayleigh, my therapist, set to work. From the moment the lights came down and the first spray of Rosalena’s Goodness and Tonic spritz wafted over my face, I allowed my shoulders to drop, my jaw to slacken and my head to flop back into Kayleigh’s waiting hands like a ball of Play-doh.

Through a series of innovative massage techniques, from myofascial pressure to compress and pull up tissue to gentle circulation-boosting sweeps and deeper, micro-contouring manipulation, this is a workout for your face that is, surprisingly, utterly relaxing. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel very sleepy at times. It’s my kind of fitness routine. The aim is to combine these different techniques to transform the appearance of the face and reveal sleeker facial contours, lifted cheeks and jowls, smoothed out expression lines and a decrease of puffiness around the eyes.

Boosting Facial Circulation during a Rosalena FaceFit Treatment at All About The Girl

As Kayleigh worked through the facial, and I worked at staying awake under her magic hands, I felt the sentiment of Rosalena’s skincare approach in every step. ‘Pause. Breathe. Be’ is the mantra behind the brand, which encourages clients to apply its natural oils in a mindful moment, to benefit both skincare and wellbeing. Toxin-free, designed with bio-actives and 100% pure plant-based ingredients, the oils have added oil-soluble vitamins and antioxidants with molecules so fine they can be absorbed into the dermis for shine-free hydration. They smell beautiful and as part of the treatment are luxuriously applied to acupressure points and massaged deep in to your face, neck and shoulders to release tension.

The icing on the cake of this treatment is the use of Rosalena’s Rose Quartz or Jade Gua Sha facial stones, renowned for their detoxing and rejuvenating benefits. In this special mushroom shape they can firmly glide over tight muscles to release tension and gently roll over the skin, including the eye area, to encourage blood to the surface, which triggers the healing process, accelerates collagen production and increases circulation.

When the lights came up and I emerged from my Zen state, I was handed a mirror to assess the results. There’s no doubt they are instant. My face had forgiven me and I looked like I’d gifted my skin 10 hours sleep the night before. Eye bags were empty, cheekbones defined, forehead was less deeply lined and jowls were lifted. In addition, my skin had a glow I hadn’t seen since last summer. As the next few days passed, my face continued to look fresher and more toned, although results are not permanent. Before I left I bought a Rose Quartz mushroom and have enjoyed using similar techniques at home, alongside my favourite Rosalena Love & Me Face Oil, to maintain the results in between treatments (because I’ll definitely be booking in for more).

All about the girl is offering 10% off this treatment throughout March. The facial oils and facial stones are available to purchase in the salon and on Rosalena’s website.

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