GOODNESS & TONIC Face Toning Mist Luxe: Sample Size

GOODNESS & TONIC Face Toning Mist Luxe: Sample Size




And award-winning, portable go-to skin refresher that lifts tired looking skin in a spritz! Rejuvenate, tone & stimulate both your skin & mind. An excellent tonic for tired, stressed & dehydrated skin or whenever you need a pick-me-up.


This award-winning hydrating face toning mist packed with 100% natural high-performance ingredients to benefit both your skin & mind. Our unique formulation of skin transforming plant oils actively delivers healthy, radiant & glowing skin with visible results. 


Pause Breathe Be. Connecting Skincare with Wellbeing.

  • 15ml

  • REFRESH & REVIVE your Skin & Mind


    Apply your Goodness & Tonic as a refreshing skin brightening toner after cleansing or when your skin needs a burst of hydration: after the gym, as a pre makeup primer or during your travels. Handy portable sized for on-the-go refreshment anytime. Shake Before Use & Best Kept Chilled.


    Ingredients include the uplifting duo of hydroessential oils of Melissa & Orange Blossom, a  natural plantservative (completely unique to Rosalena Skincare) combined with the refreshing and energising scents of Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit oils.


    We only use high-performance, natural and non-toxic ingredients. Our products do not contain parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours, fragrances & preservatives.

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