Rosalena The Sample Face Oil Collection bottles



4 x 2ml


Need a portable, travel size or want to sample before you buy a full bottle? Fancy trying a different oil to your regular or just want to ensure you have your favourite face oils in your handbag/pocket at all times?! These cute trial size bottles tick all the boxes and make a great introduction to Rosalena for you or a great little present for a friend. Each 2ml bottle should last at least 5 days of generous application twice a day. 


Complete your experience by owning the full range of our 4 beautiful face oils.


The needs of your skin & mind are constantly changing, choose which beauty oil is best suited to how you & your skin feel each day.


A range suitable for all skin types. 


A daily moisturising face oil packed with 100% natural high-performance ingredients to benefit both your skin & mind. Our unique formulation of skin transforming plant oils actively delivers healthy, radiant & glowing skin with visible results. 


Pause Breathe Be. Connecting Skincare with Wellbeing.

  • 4 x 2ml

  • Own the complete set of Rosalena's natural high-performance face oils, for glowing skin skin, everyday. Whether it be post weather, the morning after the night before, a little TLC when you're feeling fragile or just everyday because you like the smell. 


    ROCK & ROSE Face Oil

    A natural radiance booster enriched with vitamins that will energize and brighten skin.


    LOVE & ME Face Oil

    Gentle hydration with natural beauty boosters for even the most sensitive skin. Discover a daily dose of peace and calm for a balanced mind.


    FRANK & SENSE Face Oil

    Repair and replenish your skin. These effective botanicals and vitamins rehydrate and nourish skin. There perfect antidote for seasonal skin transitions.



    A vitamin infused oil that's instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated, toned and shine-free. Ideal for pre makeup application and post shave.


    We only use high-performance, natural and non-toxic ingredients. Our products do not contain parabens, PEGS, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours, fragrances & preservatives.


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