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Force of Nature

Sales of botanical skincare are on the rise as new technologies unleash their true potential. Lucia van der Post talks to the entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of the chemical-free beauty products.

But this is merely to touch on the revolution in natural skincare. There's Rosalena, whose Beauty & the Beast Face Oil (£42 for 15ml) has become a favourite primer of several make-up artists; Mary Wiles, much behind the scenes at the Oscars, cites "more and more clients wanting products free of synthetic ingredients. I use Beauty & the Beast Face Oil to prime and hydrate skin, as it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. I also slather it on when I fly." Rosalena co-founder Helena Chapman says the combination of carrier oils makes it effective: borage seed oil (which combats dryness) is used in conjunction with bisabolol which aids the absorption of vitamins.

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