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Helena Chapman & Maja Griffith started their botanical journey in 2013, creating Rosalena Skincare, a range of natural, high-performance skincare for glowing, healthy and radiant skin.

With a life-long fascination for botanicals and natural remedies, Helena studied and explored the world of carrier oils for the launch of Rosalena Skincare. Using her knowledge and extensive learnings, she developed beautiful, natural oil-based skincare formulas with the holistic belief to take a moment to pause, breathe and be when applying a Rosalena product.

Maja, with her passion for natural scent, is the nose of Rosalena Skincare. Using her fine sense of smell, Maja has designed distinctive blends that translate her olfactory memories and experiences from her years of holistic travel. Each one of her olfactory compositions conveys artistry, surprise and a mindful moment.

Rosalena Skincare is the journey of two women that developed the ultimate range of oil-based skincare. Helena and Maja are keen to encourage the importance of dialogue between wellbeing and natural skincare to achieve maximum skin benefit. Rosalena Skincare oils combine the ancient wisdom of plant oils with contemporary botanical actives with no additives or preservatives, for maximum skin benefit.

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