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Frank & Sense Face Oil, is this summers go-to skincare product for post sun repair and skin rehydration. A must for every summer essential skincare kit; a perfect blend of bio-active beauty oils absorb directly into the epidermis, instantly getting to work to soothe, replenish and regenerate sun-exposed skin

Rosalena Skincare is a range of multi-tasking moisturising face oils packed with natural high-performance ingredients to give you Glowing, Healthy and Radiant Skin, every day.

Frank & Sense Face Oil will boost your skin with intense moisture, far longer than a cream can. That’s because, the molecules in this bio-active face oil are so fine, they are directly and quickly absorbed deep into the dermis to filter skin damaging UV rays & absorb free radicals. A natural anti-inflammatory to tame redness, calm skin, rehydrate and repair dry and damaged skin.

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