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Today, on March 8th, the world is celebrating International Women’s Day. The fact that we have a day and not 365 of them makes me a bit uneasy, but what the heck: let’s celebrate what is and work for the rest!

That Luxurious Feeling is a huge believer in skincare that is lovely to use both for the skin and mind, skincare that is supported by a wast R&D process and skincare that is natural and organic when it is applicable (organic doesn’t automatically translates as “the best”). TLF strongly believe in the process of applying skincare as a routine for the mind and senses where we understand that taking care of the largest organ of the body is not only for those with loads of times on their hands or an urge to splurge. You often hear silly things like; “I’ve got small kids, I don’t have time” but really, no one would ever say so about brushing their teeth two times a day.

On this International Women’s Day I wish to salute the women behind ROSALENA Bio-Active Skincare – Helena Chapman and Maja Griffith – as their fantastic and unique range of face oils ticks all the boxes for what great skincare is all about, but also for showing us that women can, women are strong together, women are allowed to be ambitious and smart and women are what carries this beauty industry on a daily bases. (All gorgeous male readers, no offence but today is not your day!).

A while ago, I wrote a brand presentation and review of my first two products ever tested by the ROSALENA brand, which you can find right here.

I couldn’t stop raving about the face oils, mainly because I always love a high-quality oil, but also because the company’s simplistic approach of creating oils that will replace our moisturiser, oils that can be used twice a day, every day makes my life so much easier. Back then, I said that my next product to test from the brand had to be the FRANK & SENSE face oil and voila; of course I have.

This little gemstone is supposed to repair and replenish the skin and with my constant battles with small acne scarring and infections from congested pores I felt that this oil would work well for me.

Let’s keep it short: I LOVE IT.

Why write a full review on it without simply putting it out there for everyone to read?

Helena and Maja have made a commitment to develop beautiful non-toxic 100% pure plant based face oils that are high-performance and high-tech in all possible aspects. This company, these two women have done what most of us dream of doing: taking a dream, adding extensive education and R&D, travel the world for the right ingredients, failed a couple of times, managed the bureaucracy and then get to witness a product really take off out on the market.

Their approach to holistic beauty with their ever present “Pause – Breathe – Be” is not only a peppy slogan, but exactly what you get when you open the bottle and the first drop of oil hit your face. Maja, the nose of the company, has created four different oils with such a refined and soothing mix of fragrances, that you are allowed to have luxury on an every- day basis. The FRANK & SENSE oil is ultra-rich in antioxidants while providing bio-active hydrating elements which heal and and treat the skin. Whenever I break out, I use a little bit of tea tree oil as a spot treatment and then apply this amazing face oil all over and the effect is immediate. My skin calms down, the dry patches and small “wounds” heals up and the skin looks rested and ready for makeup application.

I could go on and on about the INCI list for this beautiful and rejuvenating product but I will shamelessly enough just copy the text from the ROSALENA website, simply to show you that very few brands actually list the ingredients and explain to us users what they do for the skin! I believe it to be outstanding customer service, showing us once again that skincare isn’t supposed to be stressful, to eat up all your time. It is possible to make this “simple” and elegant, user-friendly and educational. Just look at this:

Buriti Oil – Known at “The Tree of Life”, it actively regenerates skin cells. Packed with Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Vitamin C to hydrate, soothe and protect skin.

Safflower Oil – A moisture shot for skin that needs rehydrating thanks to those oleic acids, great for brightening dull winter skin.

Calendula Oil – This oil naturally repairs damaged and irritated skin.

Evening Primrose Oil – A high does ofGLA plus Omega 3 & 6 to help combat premature ageing.

Organic Rosemary Antioxidant – A new generation antioxidant to protect skin from free radical damage.

Organic Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 Extract – Alleviates sun damage and promotes cell rejuvenation.

Remodelling Intense – 100% natural and plant derived to help firm & smooth skin.

Natural Vitamin E – A powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage.

Organic Rosehip C02 Extract – A natural active ingredient high in both Vitamin A and Omega 3 Fatty Acids to nourish for a smoother, firmer appearance.

Coenzyme Q10 – Biological energy for your skin cells: it boosts skin repair and regeneration by stimulating collagen production and reduces free radical damage.

Bisabolol – Helps heal and soothe sensitive skin.

And not to forget: Essential Oils include Frankincense, Sandalwood Mysore, Cape Chamomile, Neroli & Rose Otto.

I’m having a hard time seeing anyone reading this INCI-list and thinking that it must be a terrible product hahaha. It is beautifully composed with all the right benefits.

That Luxurious Feeling would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate ROSALENA on their recent win: The ROCK & ROSE face oil (which I previously reviewed) has been picked as Editor’s Choice at the Beauty shortlist AWARDS 2017. This is a pretty huge deal and show us all that if you work hard, keep your friendships tight and follow your dreams, anything is possible!

If you haven’t yet tried the ROSALENA brand and want to see what all the fuss is about, I recommend you to look at their webshop where you, aside from finding the full range, will find their small sample collection to purchase: all four oils or one by one. For those of you already in love with the oils, may I point out that these small 2ml samples are brilliant for travelling as well!

Happy International Women’s Day! Make it count. ♥

Images & Article by That Luxurious Feeling

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