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My favourite monthly treat is here, this beauty box has got better and better each month. We are gifted with all types of beauty products ranging from body care, skincare and ritual products fit for a queen, everything you need to pamper yourself at home at the fraction of the price.

Just to confirm you can check my past blog posts for previous mintdbox contents here.

This month is no different if anything it's exceptional, All the products you have been seeing around on your favourite blogs being raved about, are featured this April. My own personal favourite brands are included, allowing me to actually give you a full indepth review of these products.

Rosalena is a brand ran by two beautiful souls, women who believe in inner peace and tranquility, merging wellbeing and natural skincare echoing a true essence to the mantra of allowing yourself a healthy mind, body and spirit, you can follow them on their social media handle here, where you will continually be reminded to pause and breathe a very significant nudge especially for individuals like me who try and juggle multiple roles every single day.

This is just one aspect that attracts me to their brand, their ingredients are carefully sourced with mindfulness of the impact that their imprint has and will have on the environment and the people they source the ingredients from. All Roselana products are not tested on animals and are non toxic, they are free from parabens, PEGS, sulphates, fragrance, synthetic colourants or petroleum. All the preservatives used are acquired from natural sources. Beauty & the Beast face oil is suppose to be a rejuvenating and energise unisex face oil to be used alone, as a face primer or as a post shave soother. This oil is perfect because it is absorbs in to the skin within a few minutes yet leaving the skin well hydrated and prepared for the next step if needed. Ingredients included are a powerhouse cocktail targeting hydration, repair, fine lines and wrinkles, signs of premature ageing by helping to repair and regenerate the skin encouraging collagen production all thanks to the high anti oxidant properties contained within the highly impressive ingredients list.

These are all the botanical ingredients contained I couldn't have explained it better than Rosalena themselves.

I personally use this oil after my serums which can either be Niaciamide with zinc that helping me keep hormonal breakouts at bay or Lactic acid which sloughs away the dead skin. I absolutely adore this oil, it's a drink of water for my oily combination skin during the day, a time I usually compromise moisturising due to fear of a greasy face for the rest of the day. I also use it over night as I find it helps balance my skin the next morning, waking up to a nice glow not my usual grease ball, looking like I just sprayed and oil all over my face. I believe beauty and the beast is suitable for every skin type but especially for those of us who suffer from oily to combination this face oil is god sent. You can get this particular face oil from mintdbox and a lot more from Rosalena themselves here a 15ml pipette bottle cost £42 I hope you realise the benefit of taking advantage and ordering mintdbox at £65.

Let's talk about working from the inside of our bodies coming out, when I first started to research about how to grow healthy hair fast, I soon realised that vitamin supplements where not optional. Despite my best attempts to eat healthy and norish my body I some how got caught missing meals due to my busy schedules not having enough ingredients in the house to make a healthy meals after a long day resorting to takeaways, this meant I don't always get a well balanced diet, let alone have spare nutrients for less vital tissue, these neutrients are essential to the overall result of how my hair, nails and skin look. Having the type of skin that looks like it's glowing from within. When I received Potion London the beauty formula I was ecstatic, these supplement contain 19 essential vitamins and minerals all specific to the vein pursuit of clear skin, plus strong long hair and nails. However, if my body from the inside is well norished and allowing for spare nutrients to be direct to less vital tissue, surely this helps my overall wellbeing so these beauty vitamin supplements are not that, vein after all.

I now swear by taking vitamins so this was a very well addition to my stash which I will very much appreciate. Plus they cointain everything I look for in my vitamin supplements free from allergy triggers and suitable for vegetarians. You An get yours from Harvey Nichols for £25 here.

Sunday Riley has been on our radar for a while they bought us Good Genes, Luna face oil and so much more. This time around they are addressing a problem that most people who suffer from oily skin can relate too. The balance between moisturising while keeping the oily face at bay. This toner is extremely moisturising which was very surprising to me most mattifying products do the opposite, however, no residue is left behind. Every last bit of product is absorbed instantly the skin felt soft and supple I wouldn't say it totally mattifies the the skin but it does visibly leave a plump dewy none oily canvas to work with. The full size 130ml Martian mattifying toner retails for £48 from spacenk.

Ingredients listed are as follows

You definitely get the luxe feeling when using this toner unlike most acne targeted treatments, that's for sure but I am still waiting to be wowed when it comes to minimising breakouts, on the other hand it does really help minimise pores while leaving your skin hydrated.

Apa Lip Loofah gentle lip exfoliatior was new to me, but I quickly fell in love with it, I applied this scrub on the lips gave myself a good gentle massage left the product on for a few minutes before wiping it away with a damp cloth. My lips where so norished and ready for any lipstick I had at hand. I felt the conditioning effect of the jojoba oil, shea butter and orange peel almost immediately. The sugar and sweet almond seed exfoliates the lips leaving a smooth canvas to work with. This is another one of mintd luxury introductions to me. Definitely comes highly recommended retailing for £16 at netaporter.

If you haven't been listening after Roselana please pay attention, for any women over the age of 25 this next product is not optional. This light weight very soluble eye serum is a gift from the gods results are visible from day one. It is a very targeted intense hydration eye treatment containing over 20 peptides algea extract and antioxidants that are specific to minimising all our ageing eye area concerns. I noticed a defined de puffing of my under eye area which was one of my main concerns. This serum can be used under any eye creams if you wish, I use it alone during the day and under eye cream over night. Surprisingly smitten with this eye product and will definitely be revisiting it over and over again.

It retails for £30 from Marks and Spencer

Ingredient list

Once again Mintd beauty box didn't disappoint, get your now so you never miss out on these exciting luxury products.

*this box was sent to me for an honest review, all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post

Images & Article by Pretty Peach Blossom

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