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I'm taking it easy at the moment so forgive the laziness of relying on press releases but my brain isn't properly back in gear following my surgery. My goodness it was a trip on the pain medication but I'm off them now and feeling a lot better.

So anyway, I'm here to give a shout out to my favourite awards. Yesterday the winners were announced for the Free From Skincare Awards, finally I no longer have to keep that secret as I knew the winners in some categories from helping with judging. I dragged my bum off the sofa put on some proper clothes (jeans not pajamas) and roped in my hubby to drive me up to the Love Natural, Love You show so I could see the presentation.

Benecos’s Classic Lip Balm won the Overall Award for Best Free From Skincare Product which might be a little surprising to some but I was on the panel judging this category and my thoughts mirror those of Alex Gazzola, Awards’ Co-ordinator “Judges were impressed with the product’s free from qualities, it has no beeswax, essential oils, nor food allergens, making it a great choice for vegans, allergy sufferers and those looking for fragrance free options.”

Cornish body and skincare brand Bloomtown took the prestigious Best Free From Brand Award, while Honesty’s Protect Nourishing Cleanse Balm won the Free From Achievement Award.

Among the 14 category winners were Rosalena’s Beauty & The Beast Face Oil, Green People’s Scent Free Shampoo, Living Naturally’s Oat Milk & Calendula Soapnut Soap, and Nyasa London’s Pure Glow Cleansing Balm.

A full list of all Gold, Silver and Bronze winners can be viewed over at I definitely recommend viewing this website as I regularly use it as a shopping list for finding new products. I already have my eye on a few!

I won't be writing up about the Allergy & Free From Show this year as I only spent about half an hour there before closing. My hubby did a whizz round and stocked me up with some of my favourites. I didn't want to push myself plus I'm suppose to be careful about lifting things, like I said it was my first day off the sofa exactly a week from my operation.

As always I love your comments, let me know if you visit the shows over this weekend or if you have spotted something on the winners list to buy.

Sarah x

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