Summer calls for travels, far and wide for adventure and beach escapes, suitcases packed with summer sun essentials, such as swim and holiday wear, we can then overload our bags, with all beauty potions and lotions, but all in a small box from the darling MINTD team, they bring you everything you need with this month's Travel Beauty Essentials box.

Rosalena, you have probably heard me rave about their face oils which you can find out about here. Now, this little full sized gem, Goodness & Tonic Face Mist priced at £22.00 is shamazing, be you are flying, walking, driving, tubing, biking whatevs! This little beauty is true perfection, all tightly filled in this beautiful chrome bottle! Now, this face mist is made with bio-actives and 100% pure plant ingredients, which helps tighten and brighten skin. It has a multi-functional purpose, be it to rejuvenate tired skin, keep your skin rehydrated from all that travelling, a primer, heck just to be kept cool whilst relaxing on the beach, even my toddler loves it and I'm not just saying it, but I know you will too.

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