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Last year, British skincare brand Rosalena Bio-Active Skincare entered Instagram with a boom when suddenly it felt like everyone was using their targeted and active facial oils. Usually when I see a phenomena like that, I get suspicious. Sadly with Instagram, what may seem to be very popular at a time might actually only be an aggressive marketing campaign where a large number of influencers suddenly receive the same products for review consideration. Therefore, when these things emerge, I usually sit tight and wait it out to see if the brand and the product will survive the buzz for the next following months. If you never see the product endorsed again, chances are it wasn’t all that special…

…and then you have brands like Rosalena who just seem to excel! Over a year since I first laid eyes on their products, they are now more popular than ever amongst skincare lovers and I happen to know now, that this is not a brand with a humungous marketing budget. They don’t try to trick consumers into buying their products using aggressive social media campaigns. I consider myself very privileged to even get the chance to try their products and to tell you all about them. Truth to be told I’ve never come across anyone who’s ever done so and felt disappointment with the results of a Rosalena oil.

So what seems to be the secret then? Founders Helena Chapman and Maja Griffith, two hard working professionals and devoted mothers decided to create a skincare line that would be 100% natural while still being serious, dedicated to science and the power of aromatherapy. All products are carefully scented with the most exquisite essential oils and whenever you use a Rosalena product you can be sure that it won’t contain petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance or colourants, paraffin vax, silicone, PEGs or lanolin. In other words: when my pregnant physician friend asked me what she should apply on her lips I instantly recommended her the brand’s newest addition!

If you have read my other articles featuring Rosalena then you are well familiar with the concept of facial oils and why they do it so excellent. When I heard that the girls where in process of launching a new product, I automatically assumed it would be another oil. I was surprised and impressed with the fact that they had ventured out and now given us the Lip Conditioning Balm.

The secret to Rosalena’s success is pure and “simple” products, enjoyable to use which provides results without over-promising or ridiculous marketing write ups. They consists of carefully and respectfully sourced natural ingredients with well documented benefits. The site, their packaging and the products themselves are all incredibly straight forward, non-nonsense business. Just like their “mothers” Maja and Helena. Kind and caring products all created under the Rosalena Ethos “Pause – Breath – Be”. Everything in life doesn’t have to be all that complicated, you know?

What about this Lip Conditioning Balm then? What makes it so special? (Because mark my word, it is). I’ll give you the specifics!

Housed in a small, 10mg white plastic jar with a screw lid, the dense and smooth balm sits. As soon as I dip my finger in it, it almost feels like the oils blended into the mix start to melt, making the product easy to apply as well as to absorb for my lips. I’m happy to report that this is not one of these dreadful balms that coats your lips with a thick, unbreathable layer or holds any sticky residue. This is pure protection and nourishment for your lips and even for a lip-biter, it stays put for hours without the need for re-application!

Naturally (no pun intended) it is all due to the eminent ingredient list:

Beevax: no, it’s not a vegan alternative but personally I’m so pleased with the fact that they have decided to use carefully sourced beevax as the base for this lip balm. Beevax is incredibly resilient, it will capture the other active ingredients nicely while moisturising and protecting all on its own. It promotes cell reconstruction and softens the skin. I never use products with petroleum or paraffin vax on my lips, no matter how fancy they are. Beevax provides me the most luxurious feeling.

Castor Oil: for every skincare-junkie a dream ingredient with its anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial and ant-oxidant properties. Due to its high amount of fatty acids, you can never go wrong with castor oil and lips seem to like it. I’m thinking that the molecules must be small enough for a rapid penetration?

Benzoin Oil: yet again with focus on anti-inflammatory properties it is well known to calm any soreness. I can actually bite my lips until they bleed if I’m stressed or nervous. This balm heals those damages quite rapidly without making my lips feel sore or tight.

Oat Lipid E: a premium form of Oat oil with a unique lipid profile (according to the brand). While assisting with locking in moisture, it contributes to the non-sticky feeling. This is what makes it so great for me to use as I can’t stand lip glosses or anything remotely sticky on my lips. Here, we get a physical barrier against epidermal water loss, ensuring that the linoleic acid balances out any lipid loss of the skin.

Vitamin E: always a favourite vitamin in skincare, well known for its healing, soothing and protective properties. As our lips lack of any protective pigment (melanin) its always a great idea to shield them in Vitamin E as well as some SPF!

Peppermint Oil: yes, I feel like eating the balm due to its delicious peppermint taste and scent. It is refreshing and cooling while also providing a kick for blood circulation in our lips. Here comes the ultra-kissable, plumped up and naturally rosy lips!

There are so many additional beautiful ingredients hidden in this small pot of happiness but I’ve chosen to concentrate on the top of the inci-list. I received the balm somewhere in December and I’ve sadly already panned it! That’s how much I loved using it. It is a definite repurchase for me, no question about it. The only minor remark I have is that as the pot was so small, dipping my finger in it with semi-long nails turned out to be a bit of a challenge (and not the most hygienic solution). I would have loved for the brand to also make some kind of smart applicator to go with the pot. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for that addition of user-friendliness. Other than that, I’m sold and very excited to see Rosalena venturing out. Last but not least, its hard not to be happy with a cute packaging like this, all pink and girly. Maybe it should also come in a more unisex design as I definitely think all you guys out there must own this conditioning balm. Just a small thought! ♥

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