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We love trying a brand new product here at Your Coffee Break, whether it’s skincare, haircare or makeup, we love finding new go-to must-have brands to adore and share with our girl friends over cocktails! This week we had the pleasure of reviewing a lovely selection of gorgeous facial oils from London-based Rosalena Skincare, a natural skincare brand passionate about educating women into using oils as part of their everyday skincare routine (not just sparingly, as a treat).

Many people are scared off by face oils, simply because they’re concerned that it might create greasy and oily skin, but it’s simply not the case. In fact, facial oils are much more effective than creams due to their ability to penetrate into the skin cells that lie beneath the skins surface. Instead of just ‘sitting’ on your skin, which can create the oily complexion, oils work differently. They are fully absorbed into your skin along with oil soluble nutrients and antioxidants, creating beautiful shine free skin!

If you find your skin is particularly dry and dull, these oils are fantastic for offering a more radiant complexion. They offer a real pick-me-up and keep your skin naturally healthy and revitalised through the pure plant goodness! We’re sure you will be turning heads and hearing a few “Your skin looks amazing.” around the office.

The Rosalena range has been designed to replace the typical moisturising cream with a selection of beautiful, natural face oils, for glowing, healthy and radiant skin to be used everyday. And we could tell from the first time using the oil (fyi we tested out Frank & Sense as well as Rock & Rose too) that these were like no facial cream or oil we had used before. It made our skin feel cleaner than ever and from the first use, softer, silkier and brighter. Not to mention they smell absolutely divine!

Top tip: ensure you apply a few drops and use a combination of upward strokes and massage to ensure all oil is absorbed and your face, neck and décolletage can all benefit from these little drops of magic.

As well as providing fantastic results and baby soft skin, we love the fact that these daily facial oils are made with bio-actives and are free from any nasty chemicals, so you can be rest assured that the ingredients are totally natural and friendly for your skin with 100% pure plant ingredients. Oh and we can’t help but mention the packaging – very chic, it definitely won’t look out of place on your dresser!

Ready to repair and hydrate your skin? Find the full range of Rosalena Natural Facial Oils at and get ready for your skin to glow!

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