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We’ve tried it all from collagen to retinol and many of us are distinctly underwhelmed – are we really seeing the big difference in skin tone, luminosity and elasticity that we were promised? Besides, do we really know what we’re putting on our skin when we spank our cash on medicosmetics or the latest breakthrough in anti-ageing technology?

Welcome the new generation of chemical-free natural plant oils that are revolutionizing the way we approach our skincare regimes. Using natural plant oils will transform your skincare regime from a regular chore to a divinely scented holistic ritual. And the results speak for themselves – a softer, glowing complexion immediately.

Below High50 recommends three brands for their guaranteed purity and effectiveness and Arabella Preston, whose Votary oils are drawing legions of followers, gives five reasons for switching to natural plant oils today:

1. Absorption

Whereas creams or mineral oils sit on the skin’s surface and can prove clogging to some skin types, natural plant oils absorb into the skin, hydrating and softening it and leaving no residue.

2. Facial Massage

You can only achieve an effective facial massage with an oil and facial massage is essential for boosting circulation and blood flow

3. Make-Up Base

Because they absorb so well, oils make a fantastic base for make-up. Your foundation won’t slip or slide but blend perfectly with soft, hydrated skin

4. Simpler Routine

Switching to an oil cleanser simplifies your routine. Our Cleansing Oil removes all traces of dirt and make-up without stripping or drying out the skin. You can also remove all eye-make up with it without the need for remover that can irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes. The flannel that is included is the best way to clean and exfoliate your skin.

5. No Nasties – Purity Guaranteed

Votary oils contain only 100% natural plant oils and because no water is added, there is no need for preservatives or stabilisers.

Votary oils are currently exclusively available at Liberty in London or on-line and they ship worldwide. High50 loves the new Super Seed Facial Cleanser £55 and Super Seed Facial Oil £70, ideal for sensitive, ageing and hormonally challenged skin. Both soothe, nourish and hydrate, restoring balance and calm.

High50 also recommends:

Rosalena Skincare

Founders of Rosalena Skincare, Helena Chapman and Maja Griffith agree with Arabella and say, ‘Unlike a cream, the molecules in our natural plant oils are so small they penetrate into the skin’s cells that lie directly beneath the surface of our skin. Instead of sitting on the skins surface, Rosalena’s hydrating oils are absorbed along with oil-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, right to where they are needed to work most effectively.’

Rosalena Skincare oils also claim to:

  • Reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing with their anti-oxidants

  • Provide constant rehydration minus greasy residue with their high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Keep water in and toxins out with their lipophilic qualities

  • Minimize and unclog enlarged pores by increasing cell turnover with their bio-actives

  • Balance and mimic the skin’s natural sebum levels and reduce oil production so greasy skin is hydrated by shine-free

  • Calm red skin, post-shave skin, rosacea redness and all sensitive or ageing skin

  • Provide a plumped, smooth, hydrated canvas for make-up

High50 loves their Frank & Sense Oil £42 ‘liquid gold for sun exposed skin’ or skin that feels under the weather. As it’s deeply nourishing, replenishing and rehydrating, it’s particularly suitable for mature skin and can be used as an overnight mask. We also recommend their Rock & Rose Oil £42 with powerful antioxidants to revitalize and illuminate tired and dull-looking skin. It can be used over make-up and its radiance-boosting ingredients make it an instant pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

We also love Rosalena Skincare’s Goodness & Tonic Face £18 which is ideal to pop in your handbag and give yourself an energizing spritz whenever your skin looks dull. It’s perfect on a plane, post-gym or any time your skins needs an energizing blast of hydration.

Rosalena Skincare is happy to offer a 20% discount to the first 20 readers to buy her products. Just use HIGH50 as your code to receive your discount when you click on her site.

Romilly Wilde

Providing a ‘new generation of clean beauty’, Romilly Wilde ‘does not go near the host of synthetic ingredients that the beauty industry has seen as standard’. Instead she offers a ‘clean beauty’ manifesto. ‘No doctors, no needles, no clinics’ is Romilly’s manifesto and each formulation is super charged to nourish and heal the skin and psyche.

We have fallen in love with Romilly’s Light + Energy Serum Cleanser £75 . It’s a silky blend of oils and nourishing ingredients that glide and melt onto the skin leaving it primed, hydrated and restored. It turns taking the day off your face into a deliciously indulgent ritual. Add her Advanced Supercell Serum £230 and your skin feels younger, softer, firmer and exquisitely scented straight away.

Finally, to complete the sense of well-being that comes from wafting around in a fragrant aura, Romilly has produced a maddeningly addictive, elusive, musky, velvety scent, Idle £130.

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