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As part of Rosalena's "Ingredient Matter" drive, this week's spotlight looks at another natural and super effective ingredient!

Bisabolol a natural active ingredient that is the main component of chamomile essential oil. It is a powerful moisturiser due to high pantheon levels which helps skin to "hold onto" moisture. It also increases the penetration of other ingredients so the vitamins and minerals in our face oils are literally ushered more deeply into the skin for maximum skin benefit. Bisabolol has also been proven to inhibit the enzymes that can break down collagen and since we need collagen for our skins elasticity, it's important to support it daily. Bisabolol also reduces hyper pigmentation. Not bad for a pretty flower! Rosalena sources ingredients that do all of this and more without the need of chemicals and synthetic ingredients.Leave it to us (and Mother Nature) to give you beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.

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