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Rosalena Skincare's Magic Mushroom Facial Tool for a firmer complexion!

Supplement your Daily Skincare Ritual with Rosalena Skincare's easy-to-use Magic Mushroom Facial Massage Tools. They're so easy to use; by simply massaging your face, either following your intuition or by using the guided instructions included, bring a work out to your face muscles that results in a toned, lifted & a firmer complexion.

Added to this, they instantly release tension in the facial muscles which not only feels good but makes your skin glow with health and vitality. That's because the blood can circulate efficiently when blockages are massages out, bringing oxygenated blood to the surface and taking away toxins. We exercise the rest of our body and so it's super beneficial when we do the same to our face.

All the gain without the pain. Just a few minutes a day helps eliminate toxins, tone facial muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage system and feels oh so relaxing.

Use INTHISTOGETHER on check out to treat yourself to a skincare gift or send a friend a bit of self-care love with 20% off your skincare purchase. Shop to get SkinFit this March!

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