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Award-winning 100% natural skincare brand, Rosalena are delighted to introduce their Summer Lovin’ Duo as the ideal travel companion and go-to skincare solution for maintaining healthy, glowing and refreshed skin all summer long. The travel-friendly sized Summer Lovin’ Duo features Rosalena’s Frank & Sense Face Oil and their revitalizing Goodness & Tonic Face Mist.

  • Goodness & Tonic (“G&T”) Face Mist comes in a handy, portable 50ml aluminium bottle and is composed of an uplifting blend of floral waters designed to rejuvenate, tone and stimulate both the skin & the mind. It incorporates Rosalena’s trademarked ‘PlantPreserve’, a unique plant-based, paraben-free ingredient that preserves water-based products naturally. It is perfect to apply in transit, poolside, post-workout or anytime you need a refreshing pick-me-up!

  • Rosalena’s Frank & Sense Face Oil comes in a 15ml bottle and is designed to deliver intense rehydration after sun exposure. It is a high quality treatment to cope with any extremely dry skin conditions. This summer essential face oil incorporates a potent botanical blend of skin-repairing plant oils, which can effectively reduce the affects of UV rays and absorb free-radicals. The natural anti-inflammatory ingredients can tame redness, calm skin, rehydrate and repair leaving with you a healthy glow. It includes organic essential oils: Frankincense, Sandalwood Mysore, Cape Chamomile, Neroli and Rose Otto.

Rosalena Skincare’s Summer Lovin’ Duo retails at £58 and is available at select stores in the UK and online. For further information, visit

About Rosalena Skincare Launched in November 2014, Rosalena Skincare is a British company based in London and the brainchild of Helena Chapman and Maja Griffith.

Their vision was to develop a serious skincare range that delivers better skin, naturally, and is a joy to use. They believe that the application is as important as the results and Helena and Maja are big advocates of the intrinsic mind and skin connection; that natural skincare can really benefit our overall wellbeing. Their three-word mantra – Pause, Breathe, Be – influences their entire ethos and encourages Rosalena’s users to make a mindful moment every day.

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