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Recently, The Perfume Society collaborated with subscription box brand Latest In Beauty, and together they came up with the Scented Skincare collection* (£22). A travel bag packed full of skincare, with each product earning their place in the collection due to their wonderful scents. I wholehearted agree that skincare has to smell amazing. Not only does it encourage you to use it day after day, meaning results are much more likely, but it contributes to the experience - a skincare ritual that either sets you up or winds you down depending on the time of day. You may have seen my First Impressions video of the Scented Skincare collab, and I've had time to give it a thorough testing, so here's my round-up of the products that float my boat, and those that I wasn't so fussed about.

What's Hot!

I had a couple of sure-fire favourites from the Scented Skincare bag, some that I was obsessed with from the word "go". The Sukin Detoxifying Clay Mask (£11.95) was one of them, from its Battenberg cake scent to the baby-soft feeling it left on my skin. It's nicely detoxing, without stripping my skin and it has become my clay mask of choice as of late. I also really loved the Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish (£5.95), mostly because of the incredible scent of orange blossom, with a hint of creamy mango, and a green note in there too. If only I could bottle that and have it in perfume form! That aside, it's a gorgeous exfoliator, being creamy and having a good amount of scrub whilst still being pretty gentle. My last favourite from the collection was the Rosalena Rock & Rose Facial Oil (£42). There's something about oils that feels oh so luxurious! This one is packed full of rose, geranium, jasmine, and ylang-ylang and provides a nourishing treat for the skin.

What's Good...

I've been using the Balance Me Restore & Replenish Face Cream (£40) a lot and I can see why it's been included in the bag. It smells wonderful with a herbaceous neroli scent. It has rather a balmy texture and feels nice on the skin, however it hasn't quite made it into my favourites as I prefer a richer moisturiser. It doesn't leave your skin looking shiny, so I think it would be nice for normal/combination or even oily skins and it's natural too. The Ultra Sun SPF 30 (£20) is something that I've been very grateful of due to the weather we've been having! I haven't used it a ton yet as I'm still loving my Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser* which has SPF 20, but it's really good as SPF goes. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly, and leaves a nice base for makeup.

I technically can't say too much about the MOA Fortifying Bath Potion (£27.50) as it's a single dose and I'm waiting for the perfect time to use it! However it does smell lovely (really minty and fresh) and you really can't go wrong with a bath oil. Something I have had quite a bit of use of however is the ThisWorks Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter (£35) It's basically their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray in a form where you spray yourself, rather than the pillow, and it has a moisturising formula too. I tend to spray my wrists (out of perfumista habits) and my chest/neck area to help me drift off. The scent is a relaxing lavender and vetiver blend, although there's a certain note that I'm not sure about. It's still a lovely product and I enjoy the concept - spraying yourself is more justifiable than your pillow when the product is fairly pricey!

What's Not*

*There's not a bad product in this collection per say, but there were a few products that I wasn't so into.

I wasn't overly keen on the scent of the Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream (£35), as I'm not a big lover of the Geranium note, however it is really nice and rich whilst still being lightweight. The same goes for the Aurelia Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream (£28), the scent wasn't quite my cup of tea, but as hand cream goes, its a lovely one. The Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion (£22.95) also didn't overly excite me, but me getting excited about body lotion is pretty rare anyway, I find it such a chore! Like I said, I have no issues with the formulas of the products, and scent is so subjective, so these products could still be for you!

Overall, I've been really impressed by the Perfume Society X Latest In Beauty Scented Skincare collection, and I've taken many of the products and put them in my everyday skincare routine. I'd definitely recommend checking this out if you're into skincare, as it's great value for money with lots of higher end brands in there. With lots of travel sizes, it would make the idea pre-holiday purchase, and of course you can make good use of the toiletry bag for all your bits and bobs. It would be great for gifting too, particularly for those who love both fragrance and skincare!

Which product do you have your eye on? - Post contains PR samples (*) & affiliate links - - This does not affect my views & I will always give an honest opinion of a product -

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