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Interview with Helena Chapman & Maja Griffith, Co-Founders of Rosalena Skincare

I will soon be heading off on my next travel adventure so stayed tuned to our Travel section to see where we end up. But first things first, I have just packed my essential travel beauty products which include the 100% natural botanical beauty brand Rosalena Skincare. My favourites are their Beauty & the Beast Face Oil and the Goodness & Tonic Face Mist.

They both come in travel-friendly sizes so perfect for taking on the plane. Rosalena face oils are quickly absorbed, along with vitamins, bio-actives and antioxidants right to where they are needed. After a long flight, I love to wake up my face with a spritz of their Goodness & Tonic Face Mist before I get off the plane. I just mist and go – it invigorates, refreshes and balances a jet lagged mind as well as your skin!

Rosalena Skincare – 100% Natural Beauty Products

On our last trip to London, we had the opportunity to interview the dynamic duo behind this beautiful skincare brand. From the first time I tried their products I became a fan. I am always on the look out for the best products for my mature skin and these products have really nailed it. Read on to find out more.

SC:How did you meet?

We met through our children who went to the same nursery school. Rosalena was hatched on the sidelines of a football club when we got chatting about not being able to buy what we wanted: In between snack breaks, we quickly realized we shared a vision to develop a skincare range that delivered healthy, glowing skin without the use of chemicals and where the experience of using it is was to be as beautiful as the results. We couldn’t find a product that ticked all these boxes. We wanted a range of natural face oils that smelled beautiful and that could be used every day and not just as a treat, so we made it ourselves and the rest is history!

SC: Who’s the brain? Who’s the dreamer? Who’s the realist on your team?

One of the best things about our partnership is recognizing the strengths in each other. Maja is the yin to Helena’s yang, we each have completely different skill sets and are willing to accept what we can and can’t do. We are both the brains – but our brains operate VERY differently. Maja is the organized one, the pragmatist, the steady hands on the tiller that ensures we have everything in line and preplanned, literally the backbone of the company. Helena is the dreamer, the aim for the sky, try it, do it, often without consideration of practicality, which is why we complement each other so well. We aim high but aren’t hedonistic. We are both identical though when it comes to our passions: ingredient integrity, work -life balance and enjoying the journey. We 100% have each others back and respect each other and the decisions we make, supporting one another not just in the business but with what ever is thrown at us in life generally.

SC:What beauty secrets did you steal from your mother or grandmother?

Love this question! Because to us beauty/skincare isn’t a superficial fad, it’s a special moment of self-loving through personalized daily rituals that should be passed down from generation to generation.

Both Helena’s parents are exceptionally keen botanists and gardeners and she grew up very much in the garden, which was a magical place of learning and gave her the knowledge of, love for and respect for the power of plants. This formed Rosalena’s concept of using skincare to increase the dialogue with holistic wellbeing. Maja’s mother and grandmother believed in the simplicity of skincare, products that multi-tasked with good ingredients (it was the norm to eat organic produce when you grew your own) and a less-is-more approach. Maja is always seen wearing a hat in the sun, possibly the legacy to her grandmother’s beautiful skin, which she believes was kept younger-looking and healthy because she covered up in the sun!

SC:What makes Rosalena different from other brands?

We love and can talk for days on the virtues of our face oils! In a nutshell: our oils have been carefully selected to penetrate at a far deeper molecular level, moisturize better for longer than creams can and without the heaviness of some oils and also carry with them all the goodness of pure plant ingredients, right to where they are needed. What’s not to love?

SC:What makes us stand out?

Delivering shine-free hydration – we love smashing the myth that oils can make you greasy. We designed our products to please most oil-phobic customers! Customers say we stand out because of our quirky product names, their unique smell and function, the way in which they’re used, the fact that they’re completely natural and the results, i.e. the famous Rosalena Glow which speaks for itself. Rosalena is 100% natural, multitasking for busy people and offers a chance to “Pause, Breathe and Be” because a mindful moment benefits skin and mind.

SC:Where is beauty going in the next five years?

People are getting more skincare savvy, which is a great thing! It’s widely accepted now that what we put ON our skin goes IN and so consideration around toxin levels is a key driver in product development industry wide. The green beauty movement is picking up momentum and we firmly believe that the our industry will be shaped by people demanding clear, honest labeling, where dangerous parabens and preservatives, chemical fragrances and colouring, etc. will no longer be tolerated. Yay to that we say.

Beauty boxes are gaining popularity too- a great way to try before you invest in full size and to keep abreast of new and exciting products that you may not have come across.

We are also seeing people being more engaged with their use of skincare. Rosalena customers love the opportunity for the personalized ritual and also that our range recognizes the constantly changing needs of their skin, not just with age but seasonally, monthly even daily. We wanted our customers to decide what they and their skin needs each day as this allows for integrated holistic approach to skincare, which we think is the direction of skincare going forward.

Thanks Ladies!

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