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On average, I fly over 40 times a year – and a lot of those flights are five hours plus. Which means I’m getting pretty good at surviving long haul flights. I thought I’d share my top tips and tripcs to help you stay healthy when travelling.

I seem to suffer from every flying related issue imaginable when I travel. But for the longest time, I just thought of the discomfort of long haul flights as being something you have to put up with to get to another continent. Over the years, though, I’ve picked up dozens of long haul flight tips and tricks that help make the whole experience much less painful. If you’re wondering what to take on a long haul flight, I have the answers. Here are a few of my tips for surviving long haul flights…

Updated June 2018 to add some of my favourite new finds!

Tackle Those Under Eye Shadows

I get nasty bags under my eyes when I’m tired, but especially when I travel. My eyes also get tired and puffy too. A few years ago, I bought an eye cream on a whim from Duty Free, and it turned out to be one of the best accidental purchases I’ve ever made. I love my Loreal Revitalift Eye Cream! The metal applicator tip is always cool, so the effect of applying the cream is really soothing – perfect for tired, stressed eyes. And it’s super moisturising so it really helps combat black bags and puffiness. It’s definitely worth carrying one in your hand luggage.

Combating Dry Skin When Flying

One of the worst things about flying is how that dodgy tinned air can dry you out. I suffer from dry skin anyway, so flying can be a nightmare for me. There are lots of things you can try, but here’s what I do to combat dry skin on flights.

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Number one – I don’t wear makeup. None at all. I know this is some people’s worst nightmare, but I’ve just learnt over the years that a) I don’t need it, b) I’ll never see these people again, and c) it just makes my skin worse. If the air is already drying me out, I don’t need anything sitting on top of my skin.

Take a Face Oil

Step two – moisturise. I always take a moisturiser on board with me and use it a couple of times throughout the flight, just to keep my skin hydrated. Face oils are fantastic for flights as they come in tiny bottles and are super moisturising. Pop some on before you take a nap and you’ll wake up feeling fresh as anything! I love the Midnight Recovery Oil from Kiehl’s, which I use every night before bed and now always carry on a flight with me. I’ve also been trying out the Frank and Sense face oil from Rosalena. The 15ml bottle is the perfect size for a carry-on kit – and it’s 100% natural.

Face Mist

Another fab product from Rosalena is their gorgeous Goodness and Tonic face mist. All their products use a range of luxurious and effective botanical ingredients with no nasty parabens, synthetic fragrances or other unnatural ingredients. The face mist is a light, refreshing spritz that works brilliantly as a pick me up for tired skin – and it smells incredible. It’s cooling too so it’s ideal for travel, and keeps skin hydrated during a flight. I keep mine in my handbag all the time now and use it whenever I need a boost!

Head over to Emily's award-winning travel blog and for the full article and further tips on surviving long haul flights. My mission is to do more than travel the world; I want to really get to know it. Her main theme behind her blog and her travel ethics is deeper, more intelligent travel Her travel styles vary from trip to trip, but the hunt for a good story is always the same. She loves to travel and explore, to get lost and discover hidden gems, to chat to locals about their culture, and – most of all – to discover a place through it’s food.

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