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Helena, Helen and I have the enviable job of working with some of the most talented beauty and lifestyle influencers in the skincare industry over the past few years. We have built a solid relationship with a handful of authentic, engaging, creative and truly amazing men and women that not only believe in nurturing the beauty industry with honest reviews, blogs and posts but continue to advocate natural skincare and support independent brands like Rosalena Skincare. This summer, we based our skincare campaign around protecting, nourishing and replenishing sun exposed skin with our award-winning duo along with our lip nourishing balm in a handy custom approved in-flight travel bag.

This blog is dedicate to all of our amazing partners, bloggers and influencers. Your support, enthusiasm and generosity in sharing your love for Rosalena means our skincare journey continues at the pace it does. In a world where social media is often criticised for being a harsh and competitive snake-pit of cut throat individuals out to further themselves at the expense of others, we have experienced nothing but encouragement, support and genuine friendship. Here is just a selection of some of the photographs posted over the summer.

Blanche, a hugely admired Sydney-based beauty obsessive (her own words) has been a long-time supporter of Rosalena (her social media handle being @thebeautybloss). Although it was winter down-under, Blanche came up with a creative take on our UK Summer Campaign and offered her followers a chance to win their own Pause, Breathe, Be edit. She beautifully captured her Rosalena Skincare moments (see her photographs below) and ran a giveaway to win 2 sets of skincare edits in July.

@thebeautybloss Pause Breathe Be giveaway
Blanche Wheelers giveaway in July 2018

Esnath Moyo, a Birmingham, based beauty and lifestyle blogger in the UK, also known as @prettypeachblossom, featured Rosalena’s Be Summer Ready skincare edit in a "How to pack it & what I would take" travel piece on minimising your travel bag edit and getting the most out of your choices at the same time.

Read the full article in July here

Esnath Moyo's Be Summer Ready blog

Esnath's summer blog was jam packed with great captures and advice: "I packed Frank & Sense Face Oil after sun treatment that rehydrates skin and reduces the affect of skin damaging UV rays, whilst Goodness & Tonic Face Mist cools, revives, tones & conditions skin in a spritz to take on the plane for added altitude protection, keep poolside or anywhere your skin may be in need of a pick-me-up" (See one of her beautiful holiday-ready snaps above and link into her blog for the full scoop.)

Ann-Marie Cato, a Canadian beauty blogger (@facetocurls) and based in Toronto, posted a stunning flatlay of her Summer Glow go-to products. "Frank & Sense is everything you want in a face oil and more." Thank you for sharing "quite literally my favourite facial oil" with your followers.

@Lisa_Loves_Skincare with her new found interest in natural skincare and beauty is also based in Australia and has continued to post Rosalena's trio as part of her routine and we simply love how Lisa weaves all her products into her daily skincare ritual - especially when all three of our products are featured in her weekly skincare routine posts on her instagram pages.

We loved @mademoiselle_nature perfect summer loving skincare capture of our limited edition custom-approved in-flight travel bag as Audrey Nature (the perfect name, right?) champions the 'crucial difference between classic beauty and organic beauty products' through her blog and posts.

We've been supported by Jennifer for years and love the way her feed @diorjellybeans always manages combines the ritual of applying makeup with skincare in such a succinct, yet elegant way. "Pause and feel, it's a little moment where I'm taking time for just me" with skincare being one of her favourite parts of the day. We love her "pause and feel" capture on instagram.

@diorjellybeans "pause and feel" capture on Instagram with Frank & Sense Face Oil, Rosalena's Lip Conditioning Balm too
@curiousmommy summer holiday skincare kit: Goodness & Tonic Face Toning Mist, Rosalena' Lip Conditioning Balm, Frank & Sense Face Oil

@curiousmummy, a local London inspirational lifestyle blog centered around family, motherhood, career, style, food and travel. Thank you Donna for supporting your local skincare brand. "Is it possible to PAUSE when you're in the throes of the summer holidays?" Donna did, and gave her skin a well deserved break with our Summer Loving Skincare kit and her skin loved it.

Polly Ahmad, writes a beauty, fashion and makeup blog @thisgirllikestoshop and captured Rosalena Summer Skincare edit in more than the perfect words and images in her 'holiday kit' article with more quotes than we've able to quote her on. Out favourite being: "This rich golden oil looks & feels like something from Cleopatra's beauty cabinet!" which is spot on considering Rose, frankincense & neroli we’re just some of her favourite fragrances.

Thank you Polly for all the beautiful Rosalena captures and the Instagram love that you shared so often as a reminder to your followers to nourish, hydrate and care for summer-exposed skin.

@luxbubs a Chicago-based mum of 2 and beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, beautifully captured, elegantly executed Rosalena' Summer Loving Skincare Kit. Thank you Anxhela for taking us on holiday with you.

@luxbubs summer skincare set: Rosalena' Lip Condition Balm, Goodness & Tonic Face Mist, Rock & Rose Face Oil

We want to thank everyone who took the time to post, share, endorse & talk about Rosalena this summer. Additionally, thank you to everyone who has ever blogged, posted & supported us on your social media channels. Please know that you are all an integral part of our journey and we are grateful to each and everyone you - you know who you are!

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