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With their signature blend of 100% natural ingredients, British beauty brand, Rosalena Skincare,’s Lip Conditioning Balm is at the forefront of lip protection this Autumn. Using only the finest natural plant oils, with innovative bio-active ingredients to deliver a deeply nourishing balm for lips so you can withstand the change in season with soft kissable lips. Free from petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance & colourants, paraffin wax, silicone, PEGs and lanolin,

Rosalena Skincare’s Lip Conditioning Balm retails for £18 for a 10g pot comes with a lip balm brush for hygenic application and no sticky fingers! Great for mixing Lip Balm with colour lipstick for the ultimate hydration- colour duo - or just for those of us with long nails that want to use a brush and is available online at

Award-winning lip conditioning blame by Rosalena Skincare

Rosalena’s Lip Conditioning Balm uses natural ingredients chosen for their lip specific restorative, moisturising and protective benefits. These include:

Castor oil - world renowned for its healing properties. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant powerhouse which due to its high fatty acid content, soothes chapped lips and makes them super smooth.

Oat Lipid E - a premium form of oat oil with a unique lipid profile. It is readily absorbed, leaving a non-greasy feel, minimizing lipid loss, locking in moisture levels by forming a physical barrier to epidermal water loss, thus preventing further drying. Rich in vitamin E and Linoleic acid, Oat Lipid can help maintain the lips natural balance by replacing lipids lost.

Peppermint Essential oil - creates a refreshing and cooling sensation when applied and helps to stimulate the circulation under the lips resulting in a gentle plumping effect for ultra-kissable lips!

A British brand based in London, Rosalena Skincare is the brainchild of Helena Chapman & Maja Griffith. Their vision is to develop a serious skincare range that delivers better skin, naturally, and is a joy to use. The application is as important as the results and Helena and Maja are big advocates of the intrinsic mind and skin connection, that natural skincare really benefits our overall wellbeing. Their three-word mantra – Pause, Breathe, Be – influences their entire ethos and encourages their customers to make a mindful moment every day.

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