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Thank you Oliviers Lounge for the opportunity to talk skincare last night. Guests enjoyed a relaxing atmosphere in Oliviers Lounge's newly refurbished lifestyle, fashion and wellbeing edit on Bellevue Road. Rosalena was on hand to dispel the myths that face oils make your skin greasy and we loved meeting all the fabulous local men and women willing to try something new on their skin. Olivier, Suki and their team enjoyed mingling and styling all their guests before they headed home with a gorgeous pink goodie bag filled with treats..

Skincare education is something we love to do and deliver (we hope!) with a personal approach, authenticity, and sense of storytelling. Because we use 100% natural plant-based oils, ingredients such as Rose Otto, Buriti and Baobab oil have been around for centuries and have wonderful stories and ancient wisdoms attached. Ingredient integrity is our top priority and every single ingredient we use has been carefully selected and combined because it is jam-packed with bio-actives, vitamins and antioxidants, which deliver kick-ass performance. Whilst the latest in scientific technology claims to create an endless supply of, often synthetic, products to “fix” your skin, we believe there is something magical about using what Mother Nature has provided for us, whilst never comprising on efficacy or performance. We hope to educate our customers that they will enjoy the experience of using their Rosalena products as much as the results they will see in their skin.

Situated on Bellevue Road facing the expanse of Wandsworth Common, Olivier's Lounge is more than just a fashion boutique. They mix an exquisitely edited clothing collection with shoes, bags, accessories, alongside a beautifully curated selection of homeware and gifts.​

Visit for more inspiration.

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