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It’s the first Friday of 2019! How are you feeling now the festivities are over and done with for another year? On the positive, perhaps it’s a good time for regroup and reflection. On the other hand, sometimes the expectation around new intentions, resolutions and goals can weigh heavy. Wherever you land on this pendulum, a renewed focus on your health and well-being is surely somewhere in the mix.

Happy New Year. A new skincare regime?

How we feel does reflect in our skin and how we look after skin, feed, hydrate and protect it makes such a difference to how we feel – physically, mentally and emotionally. We can make this one easier for you. At Rosalena, we encourage a simple, mindful ritual with our beautiful, natural plant-oil based skincare range. We combine the ancient wisdom of plant oils with contemporary bio-actives and never compromise on efficacy. We also empower you to consciously take time to take a breath and enjoy the moment with this ritual. For us, it’s not about flaws, age or imperfections but rather acceptance and care. Our oils are simple to apply, can be used daily and with an experience as beautiful as the results you see in your skin.

Make 2019 your year of GLOWing skin and reduce your toxic load at the same time by putting some 100% natural Rosalena Skincare into your routine. No parabens or toxic chemicals, free from artificial fragrance and colours but jam-packed with skin improving bioactives that really work. Want noticeable improvement in skin tone with a healthy glow and all safe in the knowledge ALL the ingredients are clean and green?! Look no further. No dry (skin) January here! Just beautifully hydrated skin- naturally.

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