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When a Fashion Blogger Meets a Skincare Specialist...One of the best parts of our business is the people we meet long the way. It was serendipitous when our path crossed with that of the hugely successful and very lovely Fashion Blogger @theturquoiseflamingo. And we were thrilled when the self confessed skincare novice was inspired enough by her introduction to Rosalena Skincare to post about it on her, up until now, fashion focussed Instagram site. We love her candid, honest and authentic review of her Rosalena experience and frankly anyone willing to bare all and go make-up free to show how great her skin looks having used Rosalena, is our kind of lady! See below for a selection of post by the formidable and very beautiful Sam Duder:

Samy Duder, Turquoise Flamingo

Clothes I know about, hair a little, but skincare is a whole new confusing world to me as it’s so hard to know what’s good and what works?! As you might know I’ve been trying out the Rosalena Skincare Rock & Rose Face Oil now for a couple of months and I’m sticking with it. My skincare routine is pretty limited, I’m not swayed by pretty packaging (ok maybe just a little 😂), just results, and this one is £42 which I think is fab. Somehow it just does what it says it will do. It will give you the GLOW. As I age I really want my skin to look like mine but just more glowy if that makes sense?! 🤪 Would love to hear if you guys have tried it yet? Head over to stories to have a look. 💁‍♀️✨✨ Happy Sunday night lovelies . Christmas 2018. Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow ✨✨✨ So excuse the extreme close up but I’ve been using Rosalena Skincare Rock & Rose Face Oil for the last month and it’s really transformed my skin. I’m inherently lazy when it comes to skincare so if I’m going to use something, it needs to be easy, affordable, smell delicious and actually give results. Anyone use it already?

Rock & Rose Face Oil

It’s the last thing I put on before I go to sleep, massage in for a few minutes and then wake up with amazingly bright hydrated glowy skin. Amazeballs... ✨✨✨ it’s 100% natural and does the trick. I don’t mind the wrinkles as let’s face it we are getting older but what I am looking for is brighter skin and it actually works. Not bad for £42. Try it, you’ll be hooked... 💁‍♀️✨✨ (The Goodness & Tonic Face mist boosts tired party skin a treat too). Happy Saturday lovelies ✨✨✨

Samy Duder, Turquoise Flamingo at Trinity Restaurant in Clapham Old Town

A morning learning about face oils (not wine!) with Rosalena Skincare. Do you use oils? I’ve always worried that they may be too greasy, but these are incredible. Do any of you use them already?

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