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We fell over our faces laughing! That’s after we spent Wednesday morning getting down to the slightly more serious business of working with Rosalena’s super talented and inspiring Senior FaceFit Therapist, Elaine Tomkins to continue learning how FaceFit techniques enhance skin health, glow and radiance. Who would have thought that pinching the muscles along your eyebrow arch would actually relax the muscles around your eyes?

Team Rosalena learning some FaceFit Techniques with Elaine Tomkins

How to: Starting at the inner end of the eyebrow, pinch along the eyebrow to its outer edge with your index finger over the thumb and add a rolling movement for extra effect. We can’t wait to share these techniques with you soon too as it was such fun (with added laughter especially whilst practising the pinching technique) working on each other’s faces (we may need to be brave enough to tackle IGTV) for some easy to use FaceFit tips and ideas at home to increase skin circulation, relax forehead & jaw tension and improve the overall health of your skin & mind.

From L-R: Maja Griffith, Elaine Tomkins, Helena Chapman & Helen Bell featuring Rose Quartz Facial Tool, Jade Stone Facial Tool and Goodness & Tonic Face Toning Mist too.

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