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Celebrating Psycle's 1st birthday in their Clapham studio on Tuesday November 12th couldn't have been more fun. They treated all their clients with a breakfast bar by Meridian, treats from RXBAR, goody bags from Sweaty Betty, Neil's Yard and Kiehl's, and treatments from Rosalena Skincare!

Helen Bell Cooling Down with a Spritz of Goodness & Tonic Face Toning Mist

Rosalena's beautiful Helen was seen prepping her skin with a spritz of Goodness & Tonic Face Mist prior to giving some lucky Psycle London spinners a little Face Massage with our Magic Mushroom Facial Tools as a 1st Birthday celebration treat this morning. Toning the muscles in your face is just as important as your body workouts and with a few simple moves you can do it yourself at home with Our Magic Mushrooms.

Trying out a facefit treatment on a Pscyle Customer!

Skincare vouchers and little mini Goodness & Tonic Face Toning Mists were a take-me-home treat after a gruelling yet fun fun fun spin class too. Refresh, Revive & Repeat. Followed with a competition on World Kindness Day - a give away with 5 free spin classes was run on instagram. What's not to love?

Happy Birthday Psycle. We loved celebrating with you.

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