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Rosalena's Lip Conditioning Balm with lip brush

Our lips lack the waterproofing outer layer that skin has and are devoid of sebaceous glands which means lips are super sensitive to moisture loss, especially in dry, cold air or sunny, hot conditions. This is why we need to give them a helping hand on the moisturising front.

But when we came to thinking what we wanted from the lip balm we planned to add to the Rosalena range, there was lot more than a superior hydrator that went into its development. Here are some interesting facts behind the conception of this lip balm.

Annoying Stickiness was a absolute no no

As someone with long hair I hated the stickiness most glossy lip balms consisted of and hated even more when my hair got stuck to my lips and then smudged lip glass across my face! Not a good look. So, ours needed to be matt, smooth still but not gunky.

The ingredient selection began.....

Enter Oat Lipid E and Vitamin E, the dynamic duo with multiple

Oat Lipid E: A premium form of oat oil with a unique lipid profile. It is readily absorbed, leaving a non-greasy feel, minimizing lipid loss, locking in moisture levels by forming a physical barrier to epidermal water loss, thus preventing further drying. Rich in vitamin E and Linoleic acid, Oat Lipid can help maintain the lips natural balance by replacing lipids lost.

Vitamin E: Well known for its healing and soothing properities but it also helps protect lips too. Lips are often exposed to the sun and don't contain the protective pigment melanin, so the use of Vitamin E in our Lip Balm can help protect during the day and even repair damage after the day is done.

To Bees Wax or not to Bees Wax, THAT was the question.

Up until now our product range was 100% vegan. Not necessarily purposefully or ethically, but because our strict ingredient selection was based around organic, natural plant based ingredients becuase they work. (you can read more about our Ingredient Principles here) We don’t present ourselves as a vegan company but we do advocate ingredient integrity. On balance, as animal welfare enthusiasts but not vegans, we decided the benefits of Beeswax outweigh any potential negatives.

Beeswax is so incredibly great for lips, it’s 100% natural and we have ensured ours is sourced ethically. Whilst drinking a cuppa (with honey in it!) the decision was made to include it because beeswax is so powerfully hydrating, locking in moisture for hours. Our lips need an external moisture source and Beeswax does this brilliantly and can also help protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun and from infections and cold sores. Beeswax contains vitamin A, which is beneficial in softening and rehydrating dry skin and in cell reconstruction. It really is a winner ingredient for lips!

No Petrol heads here

I was also keen not to involve petroleum and paraffin wax, both of which are almost synonymous with lip balms. But just because the are commonly accepted doesn't make them good. Petroleum is, after all, a mixture of hydrocarbons and other chemicals, byproducts of crude oil and whilst mostly only top grades are used in the cosmetic industry, they certainly don't come without health risks. But more importantly, their function is inferior to more natural products like Bees Wax because Petrolatums work by creating an occlusive barrier, so it does seals moisture in, BUT doesn't allow moisture to be absorbed into the skin, like the "breathable" occlusive film of Bees Wax.

Heaven scent

As with all Rosalena products, the experience of applying had to be beautiful, bring on the smell formulation! The wonderful thing about working with essential oils is that we get to consult with our aromatherapy guru, our gorgeous non exec Roalena team member, Elaine Tomkins. Elaine is a qualified aromatherapist and Head of Massage Training for Neal’s Yard Remedies. Between us we sought to find a combination of essential oils that were as therapeutically functionally as they were a delight to smell. Natural Fragrance is the hallmark of Rosalena and so we were delighted when we finally decided on the zesty, uplifting scent of Peppermint, Lime and Benzoin.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Creates a refreshing and cooling sensation when applied and helps to stimulate the circulation under the lips resulting in a gentle plumping effect for ultra-kissable lips!

Lime Essential Oil: Contains astringent and antioxidant properties that protect lips from free radical damage as well as adding a zingy and uplifting scent.

Benzoin Essential Oil: Smells devine making our lip balm as lovely to use as the results you will see and feel. It's a great skin healer plus it’s anti-inflammatory properties provides an additional soothing function, calming sensitivity, reducing any soreness and providing comfort for smooth, soft lips.

And so, after much thought and consideration, an award-winning and intensely nourishing natural lip balm was born! Free from petroleum and paraffin wax , it restores moisture balance to your pout without annoying stickiness. Long-lasting protection to repair, protect and soothe, for soft kissable lips! AND- Comes with a FREE Lip Balm Brush for hygenic application and no sticky fingers! Great for mixing Lip Balm with colour lipstick for the ultimate hydtration- colour duo - or just for those of us with long nails that want to use a brush! You can get yours here!

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