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What a beautiful morning! We launched Rosalena's FaceFit® at Tana Ramsey's All About The Girl salon on Northcote Road, London with a host of gorgeous woman who learnt the benefits of our highly therapeutic facial massage. Huge thanks to everyone who came and supported, Fran Bacon @thefashion_lift, Chloe Samwell-Smith @chloelovestoshop, Sammy Duder @theturquoiseflamingo and our loyal and new Rosalena Skincare clients.

Lift, Tone & Sculpt your Face with Rosalena's Magic Mushroom Facial Tools

With so much buzz about our newly launched Magic Mushroom Facial Tools here is a video on how to use them! This was taken at the launch of our FaceFit® treatment where the stones are incorporated into the specialised, therapeutic workout for your face. Also use at home for an affective DIY facial - magic mushroom massage is a perfect way to supplement your daily skincare routine for a dramatic lifting, toning and sculpting affect on your skin.

Look out for more exciting workshops popping up where we will deliver live demos on how to use facial massage tools at home to maximise your skincare routine with Rosalena Skincare products.

Guests enjoyed hearing about all the techniques used in this specialist Facial Massage, from gently boosting circulation to the micro-contouring deeper massage where the lifting and sculpting effect of the tissues comes into play, transforming the underlying structure and the appearance of your face. The deep feeling of relaxation experienced during this customised treatment is amazing as specific acupressure points are activated and tension is magically dissolved with our Magic Mushrooms, which you can also then use at home to prolong the affect and to super-boost your skincare routine. Feedback from the day has been amazing, with bookings of FaceFit® Treatments becoming the most popular treatment available. Attendees loved hearing about the specialist

The energy in the room was palpable as everyone learnt the truly remarkable benefits of this new and exciting treatment.

To find out more visit or book your treatment at All About The Girl now as the Rosalena's FaceFit® Treatment is their treatment of the month!

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