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We at Team Rosalena love working with similarly-minded entrepreneurs and collaborating with local businesses who are working so hard to offer their clients the best possible services and products. To this end, Helen agreed to her first ever modelling job at Olivier's Lounge, supporting Olivier and Suki at their debut Spring Fashion Mornings, presenting the very best from their Spring/ Summer 2019 collections, in the gorgeous Bellevue Road boutique to their clients.

Helen and Olivier at Olivier's Lounge Spring-Summer 2019 fashion & lifestyle edit

As clients listened to Olivier talk through the season's key trends, the models showcased a number of fabulous yet easy-to-wear looks for the season, emphasising the versatility of pieces by introducing fresh, white trainers for day-to-day, alternating with a heel and jacket or hat by the very talented Sahar Millinery for occasion-wear.

All the models used our Goodness & Tonic Face Mist to set their makeup before each show, and to refresh throughout! It turns out being a supermodel is actually quite hard (and hot!) work, so a refreshing Face Mist provided much-needed rehydration and refreshment!

Helen stayed on after each show, during the shopping consultations (and before the Chez Bruce lunch!) to talk to many clients about Rosalena, which we now retail at Olivier's Lounge. Again, so many lovely clients were interested to hear about our all-natural skincare range, the use and benefits of pure plant oils. Skincare education is a big part of what we love to do and talking one-to-one to clients allows us to demonstrate our passion with a personal touch!

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