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In an effort to stay busy during lockdown, I've had a few brands reach out to me and I've uncovered hidden gems which I didn't know about before. Today I'd like to introduce you to Seekology and here is an interview with the founder Rebecca, I hope you enjoy reading!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your store and website, Seekology?

I worked in retail for many years, including as the John Lewis Beauty Buyer. I was increasingly seeing amazing, innovative independent brands springing up with no outlet to reach customers, and at the same time real customer appetite to shop from small businesses. Hence the idea for Seekology was born, and I opened my first store in Richmond in November 2019. Over the four months this pop up was open we featured 70 independent, British brands, all with amazing stories to tell, from solid shampoo inspired by the desire to reduce plastic waste to sustainably created activewear made from recycled plastic bottles. Of course, we are only selling online these days, at, but we hope to have more pop up shops in future! When I'm not working on Seekology I'm looking after my two young children and occasionally playing the violin. Why is beauty & wellbeing important to you?

I've always been drawn to the wellbeing element of beauty, and how something as simple as a delicious smelling moisturiser or scented candle can lift someone's mood. There's always something new to discover in these areas and that keeps it exciting, especially with the innovation we're currently seeing around natural and sustainable products. And what's most important to me is creating a platform that supports entrepreneurs in this vibrant and innovative industry so that they are able to grow and thrive.

At Seekology I'm keen that beauty & wellbeing are inclusive and I recognise that these mean different things to different people. For some customers an indulgent vegan face mask is what they need, whereas we have others that are focusing on our sports offering with beautiful yoga mats from Willow Yoga. I aim to cater to conscious consumers that are interested in a more sustainable lifestyle, without compromising on style.

What is your top beauty "must have" product?

My latest "must have" is the Rosalena rose quartz facial tool. Rosalena was one of the first brands we launched Seekology with and this product is a real stand out - our customers seemed to think so too. It's small enough to fit in an overnight washbag and when used every day it not only improves drainage and circulation in the face, it also helps create a mini wellbeing ritual inspired by the brand's mantra of "Pause, Breathe, Be".

What five words best describe your brand?

Honest, collaborative, kind, innovative, inspirational

Seekology is a marketplace, what do you look for when choosing brands to work with?

I look for brands that have unique stories - whether from the founders themselves, the provenance of ingredients or a unique angle. A good example would be Heka Aromatherapy. The founder, Naomi, came into our store for a chat and we became one of her first stockists. Her products look and smell beautiful and she has fully immersed herself in a career change from PR to aromatherapy by becoming a real expert, training with Neal's Yard. As soon as I spoke to her I knew her brand would be a success.

If a brand is interested to work with you, how can they get involved?

Please get in touch via the form on, although we have had such interest we are working through a backlog of requests and we are a very small team, so we'd appreciate your patience! Be clear on what you brand stands for and why it is different to the products we already sell, as well as being ready to sell - this includes testing, packaging and distribution.

How are you coping with the current situation and how can people support indie business at this time?

It's definitely been a testing few weeks and whilst running a wellbeing business I probably haven't been practising what I preach as well as I could have done! However I'm now settling into the new way of life and trying to make time for myself every day - even if it's just using a body scrub in the shower! I would love people to support indie businesses at this difficult time. Many of the brands we represent are very new to market and their founders are unable to benefit from the various government schemes available, so they need our support. Plus, their products are truly fantastic and I would urge everyone to think carefully about where they spend their money at this time.

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