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Oils can be confusing. Firstly, there’s the myth they clog your pores. Secondly, there’s the concern those with oily skin shouldn’t use them, full stop. Yet one thing about them has always been 100 per cent clear to us: they’re a skincare saviour.

However, many of us remain unaware of how versatile and valuable oils can be in our beauty regime. We spoke to two experts who share nine benefits of face oil that you probably weren’t expecting.

Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper Skincare:

They help us age beautifully…

Our skin produces oil naturally, but as we age, the production significantly decreases. If we don’t replenish the oil content with good products, skin becomes unbalanced and very dry which can lead to breakouts and over time, wrinkles.

Skin penetration is their specialty…

The natural lipid content of the skin allows oils to be absorbed easily deep down. This also means penetration for other ingredients is enhanced, so that actives and acids can get deeper into the skin.

Oils repair the skin barrier…

A strong skin barrier is fundamental to a healthy-looking complexion. The barrier locks in moisture, helps nutrients absorb more effectively, and prevents external aggressors like pollution and bacteria from getting into the skin.

They’re super versatile...

Oils are not just great for the face. Hair, cuticles, rough patches, lips, and hands are just some of the other places you can use them. As I said above, they are also a great way to boost other products in your regime.

The glow they give is instant…

Oils give the face an immediate smoothness and leave skin dewy, firm and glowing without looking greasy. They are a perfect solution for refreshing your complexion throughout the day, so try and keep one to hand on your desk and just gently tap some on when you need a boost.

Helena Chapman, Co-Founder of Rosalena Skincare:

Nothing delivers nutrition like oils…

As well as hydration, oils deliver valuable nutrition needed for healthy skin. Just like all those plant-based super foods that are so good for you, plant oils nourish your skin with a range of nutrients from vitamins to essential omegas. Rosalena Skincare’s 100% natural face oils are jam-packed with nourishing, oil-soluble vitamins and replenishing bio-actives. All this goodness is then transported to the layers in the dermis where they are needed to produce glowing, luminous, resilient skin.

The antioxidants in oils keep skin protected

Other benefits include their superior ability to inhibit oxidative damage. Free radical damage in the 21st century is sadly a thing! We can’t escape it, but we can help combat the signs with the application of face oils, which are naturally high in antioxidants. These antioxidants super charge the skin cells, reducing the loss of skin resilience and elasticity.

They rebalance your skin…

One of the biggest myths is oils leave you shiny and you should completely steer clear if you have an oily complexion – but both are simply not true. This is because they mimic the skin’s natural sebum production by sending a message to the glands to stop producing sebum as there is enough present (from the face oil), which normalizes oil levels. They are also great for acne-prone skin too as they restore the anti-microbial activity on the skins surface, breaking up any congestion (because lipids dissolve lipids). Yep, they’re pretty clever.

Every DIY facial needs one…

Facial massage is the hottest trend for 2019. Google search results have seen a 180% increase in "DIY face yoga method" and oils provide the perfect lubrication needed. Using either your hands (or even better a facial massage tool), you’ll quickly remove tension and stress from the skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage. You’ll reduce puffiness while helping produce collagen and elastin too.

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