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Award winning, no fuss, natural skincare brand; Rosalena came to my radar in early 2016, this all natural skincare delight quickly gained momentum in my books and became a firm favourite.

I travelled around the world with the Frank & Sense face oil, let me tell you it was a skin saver. The oil with a combination of other acne fighting products came very hand with regards to soothing and moisturising my skin plus the ability to brighten the dark patches caused by inflammation around the acne spots. This was achieved by inhibiting melanin production around the areas that had breakouts, Rosalena did not let me down, now that I have confessed that I am a firm believer and a die hard fan of the brand, let me give you a breakdown of why this season you need Rosalena's plant based summer duo.

To read more of about my thoughts on the brand head over here.

Are you tired of being told that a skincare routine should always have 10 steps to be effective? I know I am, we are all extremely busy and continuously trying to find extra time in a day, so that we can get more done, or maybe get a few minutes just to relax and catch a breath.

Here is where Frank and Sense comes to play, this face oil was not designed as a one off treatment or as an extra to 7 other steps, No! my lovely friends this is all you need. Cleanse your face using your favourite cleanser, spritz the glow tonic all over your face and neck then add two drops of the Frank & Sense oil into the palm of your hands rub them together, take time to pause and breathe, the smell of this oil is intoxicating and will have you thinking you have been transported to some Caribbean Island, and any of the tension you might be experiencing starts to feel like a distant memory.

As I mentioned in my previous post Rosalena is free from artificial fragrance and colourants

Its 100% toxic free and they do not test their products on animals, they use highly active botanical ingredients to create high performing skincare products, that will see your skin with a radiant glow all summer.

The main ingredient that makes the F&S the perfect summer product is the ingredient ~ Frankincense which is dubbed the liquid gold for sun exposed skin, it also helps to reduce pore size, and blemishes caused by acne; there have been claims that it helps to fight signs of premature ageing which can be induced by sun exposure.

Use this oil everyday all over you face and eyes thoughout summer and you will thank Rosalena later for the ever lasting glow.

The Goodness & Tonic

Here is where you will have to bear with me, my excitement levels are too high. I love this product, the aim of this toner is to provide a revitalising mist, to refresh and revive but it does so much more. Firstly it smells amazing the sweet orange peel oil and bergamot oil come thorough beautifully to indulge the senses. The spray comes out as a fine mist, I use it as a toner after cleansing, as makeup primer, also after application of all my skincare products and as a makeup setting spray. Then throughout the day I just slather my self in this stuff whenever the day gets too hot emotionally or physically.

I expect any self respecting skincare blogger or enthusiast to try this toner at least once and thank me later.

Don't forget to stop pause breathe and be, while you pamper yourself with this natural beauty.

Now to the impressive very minimal ingredients list of the Goodness Tonic.

Sweet orange peel oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, citric acid, and Rosalena's signature plant preservative, hydroessential Melissa, hydro essential Flores aurantii, fersenol, geranoil, limonen, linalool

All the ingredients are naturally occurring and toxic free.

You can get your own Rosalena, summer skincare duo here for £58 1x15ml Frank & Sense oil 1x50ml goodness tonic. Great to travel with too as they are TSA friendly sizes. You can also buy any of these two products separately F&S =£42, GT=£22

Finally, a big thank you for reading till the end, Rosalena have kindly offered one of you a chance to win the summer duo, all you need to do is sign up to Rosalena's mailing list here and my mailing list too, simply let me know that it's down in the comments below or via Instagram that is it, Goodluck to you all. The winner will be announced here and via Instagram in two weeks from today on the 25-06-17, the giveaway is open internationally.

*PR gift article not sponsored

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